About Neglect in the Nursing Home

People are placed into nursing homes mainly because they become incapable of looking after themselves and need assistance with carrying out daily tasks. Senior citizens or persons with disabilities are to these care centers in order to receive regular attention and care around the clock, though many residents suffer abuse on a daily basis. Even though nursing homes receive assistance from the federal government, they are still usually understaffed and the staff is usually underpaid. This can lead facilities to hire unqualified workers or cause overworked staff members to slack in the performance of their duties, which directly affects how the nursing home residents are treated.

Is your loved one suffering neglect?

The biggest threat that comes with such neglect is that it often goes unnoticed. The inability to actively complain about any mistreatment causes such issues to go unnoticed. Most of these issues come into the limelight and are noted only when major damage takes place. For instance if somebody gets severely injured or repeatedly falls ill, you will probably recognize that something is seriously wrong with the care your loved one is receiving. When placing a loved one in the care of a nursing home, it is important to do ample research to ensure that the best facility is chosen. Even with the most thorough research, one can never be certain that it is indeed the best decision made.

Fight for justice!

As a member of the International Academy of Trial Attorneys and International Academy of Boutique Law Firms our lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP know and understand the situation you are in. Our lawyers have worked on numerous nursing home neglect cases and know how to deal with such a situation. We can be extremely helpful in providing legal counsel and can guide you towards your next step. Just because you or a loved one cannot fight back do not be afraid. Our lawyers will fight on your behalf. You may be eligible for monetary compensation and we will make sure you get every penny of what you deserve.

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