About Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury most often occurs as a result of a serious impact to the spine that bruises, severs, fractures or dislocates the vertebrae and damages spinal cord tissue. When this sensitive tissue is damaged, the nerve cells that communicate with the brain and body can also be damaged, and may cease to perform their natural function partially, if not completely. These types of injuries can occur in many different scenarios such as car accidents, sporting accidents, construction accidents, slip and falls and other incidents.

Types of Injuries

The impact of the injury is influenced by the type of damage done and where on the spinal cord the injury occurred. An incomplete injury leaves the spinal cord with some ability to continue to communicate with the brain or body, and these victims may still have some control over movement and sensation below the point of injury. Complete spinal cord injuries result in a complete loss of both sensory and motor function below the point of injury, and these victims can expect lifelong complications related to pain and body dysfunction in terms of bladder and bowel control, and heart and lung problems and other serious and ongoing medical problems. In the best case, recovery from a spinal cord injury can take months or years. In the worst case, a spinal cord injury may be permanent and will require lifelong medical care and treatment.

Did you suffer a spinal cord injury in an accident?

The costs associated with both short-term and long-term spinal cord injuries can range into the hundreds of thousands in the first year alone. The damages sought in a claim should include all such costs, as well as other economic losses such as wage loss (current and future) and other predicted financial losses. The aspect of pain and suffering and loss of quality of life is an important part of a spinal cord injury claim as well.

Bostwick & Peterson, LLP has over 80 years of combined experience in assisting San Francisco spinal cord injury victims to receive the most substantial financial compensation available for their injuries. We will aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve after suffering a serious or permanently disabling spinal cord injury, and are well-qualified to represent you.

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