California Nursing Home Regulations

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The Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA) was passed in 1987 to protect nursing home patients from neglect and abuse. According to a study conducted in 1986 by the Institute of Medicine, there was an inordinately high number of senior patients who were mistreated, ignored, and exploited in nursing homes. Because of this study, the NHRA was established to monitor and control the care given in nursing homes.

In order for nursing homes to receive funds for Medicaid and Medicare services, they must comply with NHRA regulations and rules. These statutes outline the care and services that must be offered in nursing homes in order to properly care for the patients.

The required services include:

  • Nursing
  • Social
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dietary

Nursing Home Resident’s Bill of Rights

According to the NHRA, there are certain rights that are owed each resident in a nursing home. The nursing home staff must respect this rule in order to ensure the proper treatment and care for their elderly patients.

Elderly residents have the following rights when they’re at a nursing home:

  • Freedom from abuse or mistreatment
  • Privacy
  • Socialize
  • Free communication
  • Self-determination
  • Have a say in their care place
  • Freedom from being physical restrained
  • Dignity and respect
  • Speak their concerns

Assessment of Nursing Homes

In order to make sure that nursing homes are following the guidelines set forth by the NHRA, the state conducts surprise surveys of the facility. The surveys include resident interviews to ensure they are being treated properly and that their rights are maintained. The surveys should be conducted every 15 months or so. Those facilities not following regulations will be subject to disciplinary actions and can lose their funding.

Why do you need a nursing home abuse attorney?

That the government deemed it necessary to pass the NHRA illustrates how often nursing abuse occurs. When we place our loved ones into a nursing home, we are entrusting their care to people that we don’t know. These regulations are enforced to ensure the resident’s rights are maintained. If you suspect your loved one’s rights are being violated, contact the California elder abuse attorneys at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP. They use their extensive legal experience to help clients obtain the justice they deserve. Call today for a free consultation.

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