Truck Rollovers: An Overview

The trucking and transportation industry is vital to America's economy. Transporting food, clothes and other goods is essential and creates jobs for hardworking people. While the massive commercial trucks that share our highways and streets are crucial to the economy, the fact remains that these vehicles can be dangerous if they are not properly operated and maintained. A collision with one of these 80,000 pound vehicles travelling at high speed due to a tired driver or a drunk driver can have terrible and tragic consequences for innocent drivers and their passengers.

Tractor trailer accidents lead to about 3,700 deaths every year. When one of these trucks is involved in a rollover accident, it still poses a tremendous danger to other motorists even if no collision has taken place. Trucks often carry dangerous cargo including flammable or toxic materials. A truck that has gone out of control in a rollover is a dangerous obstacle that creates a hazard as other motorists will be forced to react and avoid it putting them at risk for collisions with other vehicles.

Common Causes

Truck rollovers commonly occur on highway or freeway exits due to a truck driver travelling too fast and misjudging the curve. Passenger vehicles attempting to use the same exit are at immediate risk. Other causes of a rollover may be an improperly loaded vehicle causing instability, speeding, under-inflated tires, brake failure or reckless driving. Rollovers are avoidable accidents and the accomplished and dedicated law firm of Bostwick & Peterson, LLP stands ready to assist you in holding drivers and transport companies to account for their negligence. An accident can lead to severe injuries, leaving you with astronomical medical bills and lost wages due to your injuries. Our firm will steadfastly protect your rights and fight for the highest possible level of compensation.

Advocacy for Accident Victims

When you or a family member has been injured in an accident, the emotional and physical stress can be overwhelming. Our firm understands what you are going through. We will tenaciously fight for the justice and compensation that you deserve. With over 80 years of combined experience and winning over $500 million for our clients, you can be confident that our accomplished legal team will use our resources to meticulously investigate and documents your claim. As Super Lawyers® and members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates®, we have an established record of success. Put our energetic and accomplished team of lawyers to work for you.

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