Distracted Driving Is A Leading Concern Among San Francisco Drivers

Distracted Driving Is A Leading Concern Among San Francisco Drivers

Numerous factors can lead to car accidents – from disregarding road signs to recklessly speeding through intersections, to failing to pay attention to others on the road. But one of the top fears of California motorists when it comes to concerns regarding car accidents is driver distraction. In fact, San Francisco drivers worry more that their fellow drivers are texting or talking on their cell phones than that they have been drinking.

According to a California Office of Traffic Safety distracted driving survey, California drivers rank "distracted driving" as one of the biggest safety worries – a bigger concern that drunk driving, speeding or tailgating. About 39% of those interviewed were concerned about cell phone usage and car accidents, a dramatic increase from last year's statistics. Distracted driving includes such activities as texting while driving and non-hands free cell phone usage while driving.

Those who are concerned about these activities have good reason. Statistics reveal that driver distraction is the root cause of between 25 and 50% of all accidents. If you have been in an accident as the result of distracted driving it is important to consult with an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney promptly in order to begin investigating the incident and answer your car accident questions.

Accidents arising from distracted driving are not uncommon. According to the survey, it is surprising more don't occur. 45.8% of drivers report that they have made driving errors while talking on their cell phone and 60.1% say they have "been hit or nearly hit" by drivers who were distracted by texting or talking.

Despite laws prohibiting texting while driving and requiring hands-free cellphone usage, many California drivers ignore these laws. One Alameda County sheriff notes "I see drivers on their cellphones every day. It's as if the laws don't even exist." Currently, the cost of a ticket is around $159.

For more information or if you have been in a distracted driving accident, contact the San Francisco injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for a free consultation.


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