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US To Pay $17.8 Million Settlement In San Diego Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A California family will receive a $17.8 million settlement as the result of a military jet crash that killed four family members. In 2008, a U.S. military jet was flying over a San Diego residential area toward an inland base when it crashed into the family home. The airplane crash killed Don Yoon's wife, Youngmi, as well as his two baby daughters and mother-in-law. The crash also destroyed his home.

Compensation from the wrongful death settlement will be paid to Mr. Yoon as well as his wife's siblings. The settlement amount includes damages for loss of life, lost past and future wages, and property damage.

When the negligent or reckless actions of another lead to an individual's death, it may be possible to bring a wrongful death action. In fact, a wrongful death claim can arise out of any personal injury accident including car crashes, workplace accidents and medical malpractice. Although each instance is different, a wrongful death action may be brought by the surviving family members of the individual killed. This typically includes the spouse, parents and children of the deceased. To determine whether you may be able to bring a wrongful death claim it is important to speak to an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer.

Here, the airplane crash that caused Ms. Yoon's death was blamed on mechanical failure and human error. According to news reports, the US Government acknowledged fault before the trial began, with the pilot ejecting before the crash and stating that he "screamed in horror" as he watched the plane fly into two homes.

After liability was already established, a San Diego non-jury trial was held to determine the amount of damages that would fairly compensate the survivors. A San Diego federal judge then ordered the government to pay a total $17.8 million to Don Yoon, Youngmi's three siblings and the husband of Seokim Lee, Youngmi's mother who also died in the crash.

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