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Southern California Edison To Pay Helicopter Accident Victims Millions

Fresno news reports that Southern California Edison has agreed to pay millions of dollars in damages to the families of a pilot and three California wildlife workers killed in a Madera County helicopter accident last year. The accident occurred when the helicopter ran into a barely visible power line and caused the chopper to crash. Representatives of the families note that the accident "shouldn't have happened and wouldn't have happened if Edison would have followed industry standards."

The wrongful death case settled out of court for a confidential amount, but sources reveal that recovery for the families is in the millions. Reports from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) indicate that the towers holding the unmarked power lines stood at 95 feet above the ground. The family hopes that the wrongful death lawsuit will improve safety by ensuring the power company inspects and marks its utility lines.

A wrongful death complaint is similar to a personal injury action for negligence but in a wrongful death action, the surviving families members of an individual killed due to another's negligent or wrongful conduct file a lawsuit for damages sustained, such as medical bills, lost future earnings and loss of support and companionship.

Typically, a wrongful death action may be brought by the surviving spouse, children or parents of an individual killed. In some instances, additional parties such as grandparents or other distant relatives may file a wrongful death claim. It is important to speak to a San Francisco wrongful death attorney to determine your right to bring an action and answer your wrongful death questions.

Here, the complaint alleged that California Edison was negligent in its design, construction and maintenance of the static lines in the position that they were installed and that their installation created a dangerous condition. The claim further alleges that as a result of the powers company's negligence, the helicopter crashed, killing the pilot and three passengers on board.

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