Woman Rescues San Francisco Truck Driver After Big-Rig Accident

Woman Rescues San Francisco Truck Driver After Big-Rig Accident

New reports that a San Francisco woman is being honored as a hero after she saved a man injured in a San Francisco truck accident last week. Keenia Williams saw the 18-wheeler tip over and burst into flames. According to reports, she saw the truck driver – Michael Finerty - right outside of his vehicle. Streams of diesel fuel had spilled from the truck and had engulfed the big-rig. Finerty subsequently passed out just feet from his burning truck. Williams realized that he would likely die if she didn't do anything,

Truck accidents are some of the most devastating types of road accidents. Many times they involve multiple vehicles and many injured victims and fatalities. The sheer size and weight of tractor-trailers makes them exceptionally dangerous to their drivers and to all others sharing the roadway.

After witnessing the truck accident in her rearview mirror, Williams sprang into action. Leaving her daughter in the back seat of her car, Williams ran into the fire, trying to avoid diesel fuel and dragged Finerty to safety.

The accident occurred after a sedan in travelling in front of the truck lost control. The sedan hit a guardrail and then crashed into another car. Finerty swerved to avoid the car accident, but his truck tipped on its side and caught on fire. Thankfully, as a result of Williams' quick actions his injuries were not as severe as they could have been.

Finerty was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment. A female who was in one of the other cars was also injured.

The accident is still under investigation.

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