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Questions Surround Death Of Digital Music Pioneer

Pescadero News reports that digital music producer Gerald Kearby died earlier this month when his truck veered off a San Mateo County road and crashed into a tree. Kearby was well respected and had a very successful career as a music producer, capped off with the cofounding of an online music company – Liquid Audio.

Initial reports indicate that he Kearby lost control of his truck while he was driving near Roy Gulch Road. He tried to straighten out his truck but overcompensated, hitting a tree and flipping the car. Kearby died at the scene.

Many factors may contribute to any one car accident. In some cases an accident may be no one or thing's fault, and an injury or death cannot be prevented. Other times, causes that may not be readily apparent may lead to an incident. Consulting with an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer is important to answer your personal injury questions and begin an investigation to determine just what happened.

Issues to consider after a car accident include the conditions of the roadway and whether it was properly maintained. In many circumstances the failure to maintain a roadway in good repair, such as allowing debris to accumulate or the lack of adequate signage may lead to tragic accidents. Called "roadway negligence," where the design or condition of a road causes or contributes to an accident, a municipality or other entity responsible for the design and upkeep of a road may be held responsible for injuries that occur and be required to pay compensation.

Other times, the car itself may have a defect – such as faulty tires or brakes. In these instances, by filing a product liability lawsuit it may be possible to recover damages from the auto part manufacturer.

Car accidents happen for myriad reasons. An accident may occur due to driver error, distraction or as the result of a more complicated set of circumstances. In order to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve, it's important to seek the advice of an experienced car accident lawyer.

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