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Report Determines Crew And Failure Of Other Safety Measures Contributed To San Francisco Sailing Accident

A report looking into the fatal Farallones boating accident has concluded that the accident was the fault of the crew, noting that the sailing accident could have been "avoided if they had decided to sail in deeper water." The San Francisco sailing accident killed five of the eight sailors aboard "Low Speed Chase."

The U.S. Sailing organization that oversees and regulates sailing in California and throughout the United States issued a press release stated, "If the crew of Low Speed Chase had sailed in deeper water, they could have prevented the tragedy." The report found that the "failure of seamanship in negotiating shoal waters on a lee shore" was the main safety issue leading to the crash.

However, despite the conclusion that human error by the crew played a significant role in the sailing accident, other safety issues also contributed to the tragedy. For example, had the sailors been tethered to the boat or used higher buoyancy life jackets their chances of survival would have been higher.

Another "troubling" finding of the report was that no other boats stopped to help the capsized boat, despite it being a "basic tenet of the sea" to help other boaters in distress.

Hopefully, the findings of this report will serve as a catalyst to improve sailing safety and prevent the occurrence of further San Francisco boating fatalities.

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