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San Francisco Giants Fan Bryan Stow Negligence Lawsuit Raises Several Issues Of Liability

As the negligence lawsuit filed by San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow is making its way through civil court, the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise has asked a bankruptcy judge to reject claims for damages. A Delaware court is overseeing the sale of the Dodgers, and evaluating claims against the franchise.

The Stow negligence lawsuit arose out of the circumstances surrounding the severe beating of Stow in a Dodger Stadium parking lot on Opening Day of the 2011 season. According to the complaint, lax security measures, along with cheap beer sales contributed to an unsafe environment allowing the assault to occur. Specifically, the negligence complaint includes allegations that the Dodger's breached their duties to visitors of the park and that this breach was a factor in Stow's injuries. The complaint states that security was cut back at the stadium as a result of Dodger owner Frank McCourt spending an extraordinary amount of money in a bitter divorce. Further, the half-price beer sales offered that day at the stadium contributed to the behavior that pitted fans against Stow. The minimal lighting, hands-off approach to rowdiness and reduced security created a "perfect storm" allowing the assault to occur.

In addition to the negligence complaints against the teams and its owner, criminal charges have been filed against Louis Sanchez and Marvin Norwood for assault and mayhem.

The cost of Stow's medical care as the result of his brain injury and other long-term medical issues will amount to an estimated $50 million.

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