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Bus Driver In Fatal UCSF Bus Crash Faces Criminal Charges

News reports that the driver in the fatal University of California San Francisco charter bus crash will be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter. The San Francisco bus accident occurred moments after the driver became distracted by a conversation with one of the passengers. The driver went through a red light and collided with a semi-truck. Although the truck driver slammed on his brakes, he was unable to slow down the big-rig. Dr. Kevin Mack was thrown from the shuttle bus when the accident occurred and died from his injuries.

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Here, not only were the actions of the bus driver in question as a source of fault for the accident but also whether roadway negligence played a role. In some situations traffic flow and the placement and operation of traffic signs and lights may contribute to an accident. Additionally, questions have been raised concerning the practice of allowing bus passengers to ride without using seat belts. In any accident situation, especially where serious personal injuries or fatalities occur, it is important to investigate all potential avenues of fault. Often, more than one source has caused or contributed to an accident and may be held responsible.

The driver of the bus currently faces criminal charges. Investigations into civil charges against the driver and other potentially responsible parties are ongoing.

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