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San Francisco Workplace Accident Leads To Criminal Charges

After reaching a wrongful death settlement, the CEO and pressroom manager at a San Francisco printing shop will now face a criminal trial concerning the death of a pregnant press worker. According to reports, a 26-year-old Oakland woman was working at Digital Press International in San Francisco when a machine at the plant suddenly activated and crushed the woman's upper body. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman's family filed a civil wrongful death lawsuit based on the workplace accident, which was reportedly settled for $6 million.

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According to reports in this instance, the DPI workers were not trained on safety procedures, including turning off power on the dangerous machines. An extensive investigation revealed several other safety violations at the company. As a result, in addition to the civil lawsuit, criminal charges are pending.

District Attorney Gascon notes that the accident was "very preventable." He further comments, "We know there are other unsafe work environments around the city." We're trying to send a message to employers, to supervisors, to employees: this was very preventable..We want to send the message that if you (operate an unsafe work environment), you do so at the risk of being prosecuted, and we will prosecute you very vigorously."

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