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Family Of Cyclist Sues San Francisco Based Website For Negligence

After an Oakland man died in a San Francisco area bicycle accident, his family has now sued a bicycling website for negligence. The family of William "Kim" Flint has sued the bicycling website, Strava, for its role in encouraging Flint to speed down in Berkeley's Tilden Park. Flint was racing down the hill in an effort to win a time record. He died from injuries suffered after he braked suddenly to avoid hitting a car and flipped over.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, consulting with an experienced San Francisco bike accident attorney is critical to discuss your rights and determine your next steps. Often, it may be possible to recover damages for your injuries. In the event of a wrongful death, surviving family members may be able to recover medical expenses, lost wages and emotional distress damages.

In this instance, Flint's surviving family members have filed the wrongful death lawsuit seeking compensation from the Strava website. According to the lawsuit, the bicycling website promotes riding too fast. The Strava company hosts virtual races involving the use of a GPS system that pits bicyclists against one another in an effort to clock the fastest time riding a particular course.

Flint died in an effort to reclaim his title for the fastest time biking down the Berkeley hill. According to the lawsuit, Strava failed to inspect the courses or otherwise ensure that they are safe. A representative states, "They assume no responsibility. They don't put cones out. They don't have anybody monitor and see whether a course, or a specific segment, is dangerous."

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