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Varied Reactions To Recent San Francisco Pedestrian Deaths

In the last several months, three separate fatal pedestrian accidents have occurred, and as reported in the San Francisco Examiner, these deaths have prompted a variety of different responses. As provided by the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, "each of the incidents included acts of negligence" but the public reactions have been significantly different.

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The first death occurred after Wallace Loggins, a muni bus driver, struck a pedestrian. A second occurred when bicyclist Chris Bucchere ran into a pedestrian in a cross walk. The third involved Gregg Wilcox who was in a car accident that killed a pedestrian.

The muni bus accident and bicycle accident have prompted a significant amount of indignation on the Internet and in the media while far fewer comments have been made about the car crash. A pedestrian advocate blames this on the "public's blasé reaction to motorists killing pedestrians." She continues, "these accidents are both preventable and tragic, and its time we started paying attention to them."

Statistics reveal that last year 17 pedestrians died in San Francisco pedestrian accidents, with 14 of them involving car crashes. 2 people were struck and hit by Muni vehicles and 1 involved a bike accident. While the recent bike accident has lead to a push to review bike safety policies and laws, no similar increase in motorist awareness has been made. Another commentator notes "There was massive internal self-policing from cyclists after the incident on Castro and Market…But with drivers, there is a long history of lack of accountability. There is no Walk SF or Bike Coalition for drivers."

Hopefully that with increased awareness of pedestrian fatalities, everyone will use greater caution on the roads.

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