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More Nursing Home Deaths Tied To Poisonous Mushrooms

Sacramento news reports that three people have died as the result of eating poisonous mushrooms at a California nursing home. According to reports, a caretaker at the Placer County care facility found the mushrooms in the backyard and used them to make soup.

The caretaker, along with three other people became ill after eating the poisonous fungus. Reports indicate that the caretaker did not realize that the mushrooms were poisonous. Whether nursing home negligence or other type of negligence lawsuit will be filed is unknown.

Nursing home negligence lawsuits arise where nursing home staff or managers fail to uphold a standard of decency and their negligence of wrongful actions lead to injury or illness among residents. Claims for nursing home abuse may be filed against the individual workers or the nursing home itself. If you suspect a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, consulting with a San Francisco nursing home abuse attorney right away is important.

Here, initial reposts indicate that this was a tragic mistake whereas nursing home negligence and abuse cases arise where nursing home caregivers or staff fail to treat patients with decency and respect. A number of different actions can lead to nursing home abuse claims such as unsanitary conditions, overmedication, malnutrition and sexual abuse.

The actions surrounding the deathsin this instance will likely continue. The poisonous amanita species of mushrooms look similar to an edible version of the wild mushroom popular in Asia. Large quantities of the poisonous variety grow in the San Francisco Bar area, around Sacramento and in the Sierra foothills.

The medical director of the San Francisco division of the California Poison Control system noted that mushroom poisoning can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms may take 12 hours or more to develop. Once the symptoms are apparent it may be too late. One of the big problems with mushroom poisoning is liver toxicity leading to liver failure.

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