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Report Concludes Limo Fire Was An Accident

A final report has been issued on the fire that caused the limousine accident this past spring. The limousine fire killed five members of a bachelorette party including the bride-to-be. The report concludes that the fire was an accident caused by friction between the car's drive shaft and the rear floorboard.

Foster City Chief Michael Keefe explains that as fire grew, it ignited the back seat, creating black smoke and flames that filled the passenger compartment. The smoke and fire blocked access to the rear doors, leaving passengers with only one exit -- the small opening into the driver's compartment.

While no criminal charges will be filed in this instance, an investigation will continue into why the accident occurred and whether negligence was involved. In situations where negligence leads to a personal injury or death, the victim or his or her family members may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim.

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In this instance, the accident was blamed on a "catastrophic failure" of the limousine's rear suspension system that allowed the rapidly spinning drive shaft to come into contact with the floor pan. Whether this was a result of manufacturing defect or other faulty part is still under investigation.

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