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Toyota Sudden Acceleration Trial To Begin

The first of several sudden acceleration cases against Toyota Motor Corp. has just begun. The California wrongful death case was filed after an Upland woman was killed when her car went onto a media, striking a telephone pole and tree. Although the woman tried to do everything she could to slow down, the car failed to stop.

The family of Noriko Uno filed a product liability and negligence lawsuit against Toyota as the result of an alleged defect that caused the vehicle's sudden acceleration. Product liability lawsuits are based on the premise that a product is defective or dangerous and causes harm. Product liability cases are generally based on defects that in a product's manufacturing or design, or the failure to provide adequate warning. Negligence is the legal theory that a person or a company failed in its duty of "reasonable care," and that this failure resulted in harm. The lawsuit seeks general and punitive damages.

Toyota denies responsibility, instead blaming the crashes on floor mats that trapped the gas pedal and driver error.

This wrongful death trial is considered a "bellwether" case that could determine whether Toyota will be held liable in future cases.

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The trial is expected to last several months and will be closely watched by other states to predict the outcome of other lawsuits based on the same claims.

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