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Four California Bus Accidents Lead To Multiple Injuries and Fatalities

After the fourth California bus accident in a week injured 13 people, some are wondering about the safety bus travel. According to reports, the bus went off the shoulder of an Interstate 10 off-ramp while it was travelling to L.A. from a Southern California casino. According to reports, the driver was trying to maneuver the bus through the exit but was moving too fast and wasn't able to control the vehicle. 11 people sustained minor personal injuries, and two others sustained more serious harm. This accident remains under investigation.

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This accident is the latest in a series of crashes involving tour bus crashes. Earlier this weeks, three bus accidents killed two people, and dozens others suffered serious injuries. Slippery roads have been cited as a main factor in these incidents.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) performed an initial investigation and determined that one of the fatal accidents was the result of a bus travelling at an unsafe speed based on the condition of the roadway.

A separate incident injured another 14 people near Riverside when the bus slid sideways and collided into a car travelling in the opposite direction.

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