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Asiana Airplane Crash May Be Due To Equipment Malfunction

San Francisco news reports that after an investigation of the Asiana Flight 214 crash that occurred this past July, investigators believe that an equipment malfunction may be to blame. This summer's airplane accident occurred led to three deaths and several individuals suffering serious personal injuries. A representative from the NTSB notes that a problem with the throttle may be to blame for the accident. Earlier in the investigation, pilots and the airline noted that they believed that the problem was with the automatic throttle, which they thought was maintaining speed as the place descended to land, but later discovered it wasn't sending power to the engine.

If you have been injured in any type of serious personal injury accident - such as an aviation accident - it is important to consult with a San Francisco personal injury attorney immediately. A skilled accident lawyer can begin an investigation into all of the factors that may have caused or contributed to a particular incident.

While the results are not conclusive, if the incident was caused by a defective part or equipment malfunction, victims of the accident may be able to file a negligence lawsuit or wrongful death action based on product liability. Even if a defective part is not found to blame, other negligence causes of action may form the basis if a personal injury claim resulting from this accident.

For example, if the accident was the result of recklessness or other negligent behavior by the pilot or the airlines, it may be possible for those injured to recover compensation for their injuries. This includes damages such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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