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Air Tankers Cleared For Flight Following Fatal Accident

San Francisco news reports that California's fleet of air tankers designed to battle wild fires have been cleared to return to flight. The investigation was prompted as the result of a fatal crash earlier this month involving a veteran pilot.

The pilot died after the twin-engine airplane he was flying crashed at Yosemite National Park. As a result of the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board looked into whether the crash was the result of faulty equipment. Investigators found no evidence that faulty equipment was to blame.

Whenever fatal accidents occur – conducting an investigation into all of the potential factors that may cause or contribute to a particular incident is important. Where an accident is the result of faulty or defective equipment, it may be possible to file a claim for products liability. Defective or dangerous products are the cause of thousands of injuries every year in the U.S.

Product liability lawsuits are based on the theory that a manufacturer or seller of a defective product should be held responsible for injuries that occur from the intended use of that product or part.

In this instance, the planes used to fight fire were grounded after pilot Geoffrey Craig Hunt's plane went down while he was dropping fire retardant. However, based on an initial review, officials reported "at this point we do not see anything that leads us to any mechanical-related issues with the accident sequence."

The investigation into just what happened to cause the fatal crash continues.

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