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First Lyft Car Passenger Fatality Raises Numerous Questions

The first passenger fatality has occurred in a Lyft car near Sacramento. According to reports, the passenger died in a multiple vehicle car crash early Saturday morning. The accident occurred when one car was rear-ended, and spun out of control into the middle lane of traffic and stalled. The car that caused the initial impact failed to stop, making this a potential hit and run accident. In an attempt to avoid the stalled vehicle, the Lyft vehicle swerved out of the way, hitting one tree, and then continued to spin, eventually hitting a second tree. One of the passengers was killed as a result of the impact. Forbes News notes that the Lyft was traveling at a speed of around 65 miles per hour.

Ride sharing apps – such as Lyft and Uber – have been heavily scrutinized concerning their share of responsibility/liability when accidents occur involving their cars. California law requires Lyft carry insurance liability policies, but these policies only cover accidents where a Lyft driver is found responsible for the accident in question.

Here, several factors must be considered in determining fault for the wrongful death. For example, numerous cars were involved in the crash after the initial rear-end. Whether the first car, or any of the subsequent vehicles, are at fault in the ultimate fatality must be sorted out. Additionally, because the first car may be considered a hit and run – the accident may still be covered under Lyft's un-insured motorist policy.

The accident remains under investigation. Uber – Lyft's rival – has not had any passenger fatalities but is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after one of its drivers hit and killed a 6-year-old when it was logged onto the app.

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