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Harm From TBIs May Persist Into Future

A recent study has concluded that children who suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) suffer long-term consequences, including diminished attention spans and longer reaction times. These results have also been documented in adults. However, this is the first study to link sustaining a TBI as a child to intelligence and attention problems.

According to the study one and one-half years following an injury, the children still had attention problems and internalizing problems like anxiety higher for kids with TBI. Parents also rated externalizing problems, like aggression, higher for the kids with TBI.

Average reaction time was slower for kids in the TBI group than for those in the other trauma group, the researchers found. Further, because the attention problems persisted more than a year after the injury, it is unlikely that they will resolve themselves over time.

TBI’s occur as the result of a sharp blow to the head, such as may occur in a car accident, bike accident or sports injury.

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