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Big Rig Accident Leads To Injuries and Chaos

San Francisco news reports that a big rig carrying wine coolers has overturned on Highway 880 near Hayward, California. The truck accident caused a seven-hour traffic delay.

According to reports, four vehicles were involved in incident including the 18-wheeler, a stalled car, a second car that hit the stalled vehicle, and a car that hit the big rig. The driver of the truck sustained personal injuries in the accident.

Trucking accidents are some of the roadway’s most dangerous. Due to the sheer size of 18-wheelers, when accidents occur involving big rigs the potential for serious injuries and damage is great.

Both truck drivers and others on the road may be in peril when accidents occur. Some causes of big rig accidents include driver error such as traveling too fast and misjudging curves. Truck may also rollover as the result of improperly loaded vehicle causing instability, speeding, under-inflated tires, or brake failure. These hazards may be the fault of the trucking company or other third party.

Other times, truck accidents occur as the result of truck driver fatigue. This may be the fault of the trucking company that demands drivers drive more hours than allowed or try to cut corners to make deliveries on time.

In some situations, accidents may be due to roadway negligence.

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