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More Than 30 Dead in Fatal Warehouse Fire

Authorities continue efforts to comb through the rubble of the burnt Warehouse, where a massive fire claimed the lives of more than 30 people. According to reports, the fire broke out at an electronic music party that was being held at a warehouse - the Ghostship - a two story building which was operating as a residence and artist studio without proper permits.

Recovery efforts are slow due to the instability of the building, noted a spokesperson for the Alameda County Sheriffs office. It is unknown how many people were at the party when the fire broke out. Families of those unaccounted for wait anxiously for news concerning their loved ones.
While the investigation continues, many wonder who is to blame for the tragedy. Often many factors play a role, and several different players may be found responsible. For example, it would be important to examine the owners role in the tragedy/ Was he aware that people were living there and using it as a concert venue? According to reports the city had received reports that people had been living there illegally and had initiated an investigation. Further, the “Ghost Ship” was under investigation by city building inspectors just weeks ago amid reports of blight and illegal structures inside. When they knocked on the door to get inside the building Nov. 17, however, no one answered, so they left, according to city officials. Did the city and any other governmental body do all it should have done?
However, much of the blame publicly has been on Derick and Micah Alemany, who managed the property. The couple lived at the Ghost Ship and collected monthly rent from other artists. They routinely held dance parties with live electronic music and charged at the door to help raise money for rent. Many who lived there described the interior as filthy and a firetrap, with frequent power outages, overloaded outlets, sparks and the smell of burning wire. Investigation into this tragedy continues.
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