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Worn Tires May Have Led to Fatal Bus Accident

California news reports that the tires on the tour bus involved in the deadly Pam Springs bus crash were severely worn. The motor coach crashed into an 18-wheeler, killing the driver and 12 passengers. Dozens more suffered serious personal injuries. According to an initial investigation, multiple tires on the bus were below standards. This raises several questions, including whether the worn tires were a factor in causing the accident, and if so, who was responsible for ensuring the tires were in compliance? Did the tour bus company fail in properly maintaining the bus for use? Or did human error play a role in not ensuring the safety of the tires?

Other questions remain concerning the accident. For example, no evidence exists that the driver tried to brake before the crash. It is also unknown how fast the bus was traveling at the time of the accident. Thus, the conduct of the driver both leading up to the accident and his prior driving record will likely be investigated. Further issues with the bus also exist, including the lack of seat belts.

Several factors may be at play in this deadly accident, and National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) representatives note that the investigation may take up to a year. Victims are encouraged to seek representation from an experienced California personal injury lawyer right away.

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