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Numerous Injuries Reported in California School Bus Crash

San Francisco news reports that ten students suffered serious personal injuries when the school bus they were riding in crashed in Lancaster, California. An initial investigation states that of the ten passengers on the bus, one suffered critical injuries, while the other nine suffered minor injuries. The bus collided with a car with a single occupant, who also suffered critical hospitals and was transported to a nearby hospital. The driver of the bus was unharmed.

The safety of our nation’s school buses in an ongoing concern. In general, school buses are considered a safer mode of transportation than riding in the family vehicle, according the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA). However, accidents have occurred with increasing frequency over the last few years and parents are often left wondering if enough is being done to prevent injuries. For example, no federal law mandates that school buses be equipped with seat belts. California is just one of six states that have laws on the book requiring school buses have passenger seat belts. On average, 6 children die each year in school bus crashes. NHTSA believes that this figure could be lowered to 2 (still too many), if all school buses had 3 point harnesses.

Whether the students on this bus were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash is unknown.

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