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Fatal Roll-over accident raises questions of liability

San Francisco news reports that a young girl was killed, and her mother and brother injured in a rollover car crash on Kirker Pass. The car’s driver lost control of the vehicle, careening down an embankment and overturning. The accident occurred during a rainstorm.

Several factors are being investigated in this tragic accident. First, when any accident occurs it is important to determine the weather conditions at the time and their impact on the incident. In this instance, it’s important to determine how the rain may have influenced the accident. Was the driver driving too fast for conditions? Was the road properly maintained to best accommodate drivers during inclement conditions – i.e. Was there proper drainage? Were the shoulders adequately maintained? Were guardrails installed in particularly dangerous passes? Other issues to evaluate include the condition of the vehicle and whether it functioned as it should – were the tires and in good condition? Were they defective? When was the vehicle last serviced and did the owner know of any potential areas of concern? Finally, it’s important to determine if there were any witnesses to the accident. Initial reports of this incident state that it’s a one car accident. Eye witness accounts may be able to provide critical details concerning the moments before the crash.

Whenever personal injuries occur, it’s important to evaluate all factors that may have led to an accident in order to ensure you are able to recover all of the damages you deserve. For more information, please contact the experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.