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Fatal Roll-Over Accident Kills One, Injures Three

San Francisco News reports that one person has died, and three others sustained serious personal injuries in a roll-over crash in San Jose.  According to an initial investigation, the car was travelling northbound on an off-ramp when it flipped, ejecting all four passengers. 

Roll-over crashes occur when a vehicle becomes unstable, and flips onto its side or roof.  They have a higher mortality rate than most other types of car accidents, including rear-end and side-impact collisions. Roll-over accidents frequently occur when a car becomes unstable, such as rounding a corner too fast, driving on uneven terrain, or when a vehicle strikes a curb. The force of hitting something on one side, causes a shift in balance, leading the car to flip. 

SUVs and trucks in general are more prone to roll-over accidents than standard passenger vehicles due to having a higher center of gravity.  While driver error may be a leading factor contributing to the accident, often other factors exist which increase the likelihood of an incident occurring. 

The exact nature of this accident remains under investigation. 

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