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Multiple vehicles involved in fatal party bus crash

A fiery tour bus crash fatally injured one person and 3 others sustained serous personal injuries with the bus collided with an SUV.  According to reports, the bus was carrying a choir group from Alabama when it struck the smaller vehicle which had just blown out its tire. The driver tried to avoid an accident by pulling over to the center divider, thus allegedly caused a chain reaction, where a third car swerved to avoid the SUV, then was rear-ended.  The rear-ended vehicle pushed the SUV into oncoming traffic, where it was struck by the tour bus.  A fifth vehicle then collided with the tour bus, killing its driver. Investigators are looking into the accident and beginning the process of reconstructing the accident, and assessing fault. 

Whenever an accident occurs, after injured parties are provided medical attention, it is important to begin the process of reconstructing the accident to determine what happened.  This can occur via statements from the drivers and eye-witnesses accounts as to what transpired.  Individuals involved in accidents, where possible, should take photographs of any physical damage and note any injuries sustained (and make sure to obtain a medical exam if warranted).   Impressions recorded at the time of the accident often provide the best evidence in recreating an accident scene.  Other information will be gathered as time passes, as such, it is important to contact an experience personal injury attorney immediately to protect yourself and represent your interests if you have been involved in a motor vehicle or any other type of personal injury accident.

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