About Product Recalls

Defective manufacturing occurs when a manufacturer creates a product that does not meet all the necessary safety standards. This can include anything from faulty tires to a poorly made blender. Design defects are associated with the products overall design or making the product unreasonably dangerous. Failure to put required guards on saws or making the handle on a knife to small would fall into this category.

Various consumer products are recalled every day. These recalls are often caused by one of the following:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Design defect
  • False claims in marketing

Am I eligible to file a claim or lawsuit?

When a manufacturer falsely leads consumers to believe a product is safe, you may have misleading marketing. Drug companies who neglect to report various side effects or manufacturers that have incomplete or inaccurate directions for use with their product could be guilty of misleading marketing. All of these factors can lead to product recalls. When a product is recalled, the negligent company is signifying their direct knowledge of their faulty product.

Companies that choose to recall a product are admitting to the creation of a faulty, dangerous, or defective product. Unfortunately, the recall usually occurs after a large number of serious injuries, illness or even deaths have taken place. Dangerous drugs, tires and various appliances can cause life altering injuries to the head, spine and internal organs. At Bostwick & Peterson, we have dedicated our legal careers to representing injured clients in complex legal cases. Our legal team knows exactly what to look for in product recall claims. The success our firm has had includes $500 million dollars of compensation received for our clients and numerous high value settlements in product liability claims.

If you have been injured by a product that has been recently been recalled you must contact our firm. You need a dedicated legal team to file a claim for you and fight for your compensation throughout the entire legal process. Our professional and accomplished firm has recovered some of the highest value claims in the state, and we can help you too.

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