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Mayor Announces Plan To Reduce San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents

KCBS San Francisco reports that Mayor Ed Lee has announced plans to reduce the number of San Francisco pedestrian accidents that occur each year. Last year, more than 875 pedestrians were hit by cars and sustained personal injuries. Lee points to Union Square as an example where safety measures at pedestrian crossings and sidewalks have decreased the number of incidents.

The plan involves efforts to make adjustments at the 50 most dangerous intersections by retrofitting crosswalks, installing yield signs and improving site lines. In addition to these physical changes, the mayor also plans to implement a citywide education program and encourage police to issue more citations.

The number of pedestrian accidents throughout the city is so high that in some neighborhoods people are too scared of being injured to walk on the streets. The type of injuries that can occur from pedestrian accidents range from cuts and bruises, to broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and in the most serious cases, death.

About 50% of San Francisco's pedestrian accidents take place on only 5% of San Francisco's streets. Dangerous roadways include 19th Avenue, Market Street, Van Ness Avenue and Geary Boulevard.

Lee notes: " By 2016 we want to reduce the number of fatal pedestrian accidents by 25 percent and by 2021 by 50 percent and we know we can do it."

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