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Jury Awards $21.7M To California Woman Injured In Personal Watercraft Accident

A 15-year-old girl enjoying a day out on the Colorado River suffered a permanent brain injury following a personal watercraft accident.

In 2008 Fabiola Esparza was a passenger on a personal watercraft driven by a friend. During the ride, the driver became unable to control the vehicle, resulting in this serious personal injury. Following the product liability lawsuit, the jury determined that the watercraft manufacturer, Polaris, knew about the defect and was responsible for the woman's injury.

Product liability lawsuits can arise in a variety of situations and are common where a product's defect harms an individual. This may occur where a product is unreasonably dangerous, or if a product's manufacturer fails to provide an adequate warning concerning the product's danger. Other times a defect exists in the way a product is manufactured.

Defective product lawsuits include, but are not limited to:

• Injuries from defective tires;

• Accidents from product recalls;

• Severe reactions to "dangerous drugs"; and

• Harm caused by recalled products.

Often the manufacturer is aware of a defect, but fails to take the appropriate action to remove of product from the market or otherwise improves its safety until consumers are injured.

Here the woman will spend the rest of her life suffering the effects of a permanent brain injury as the result of a defective product that, according to evidence at trial, the manufacture knew about and could have taken actions to correct or remove from circulation.

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