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Novato Bicycle Accident Highlights Need To Share The Road

A Novato bicyclist suffered serious personal injuries after being struck by a car in downtown Novato. Reports indicate that the woman was airlifted to Stanford Hospital following the bicycle accident that occurred at the intersection of Delong Avenue and Redwood Boulevard. The driver of the car stayed at the scene and cooperated with authorities. This is just the latest accident in a string of bike crashes. Just last week, a bicyclist was killed in a collision with a garbage truck.

The Novato accident remains under investigation, but raises the issue of bike safety and the delicate balance in the San Francisco Bay area between bicyclists, cars and pedestrians. If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of serious personal injury accident, it is important to speak to a dedicated San Francisco personal injury attorney right away.

While bicyclists and pedestrians typically suffer the most severe injuries in the accidents with motor vehicles, it is important to note that each party must act responsibly and may be partially at fault in an accident.

In many situations, the driver of a vehicle may be at fault in an accident. Turning in front of bicycles, swerving in to the path of a bicyclist on the road, and "dooring" accidents are some of the leading causes of injuries.

Other times, the actions of the bicyclist may be partly to blame. When bicyclists fail to obey the rules of the road such as biking too fast, biking recklessly or make unpredictable or hazardous moves, the bicyclist may be found negligent, even if they are the ones suffering the greatest injury.

Recently, bicycle v. pedestrian accidents have also been in the spot light, high lighting the need for everyone to share the road, drive or bike safely, and only cross road in designated areas.

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