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Who's Liable In Uber Car Crashes?

A recent San Francisco car accident raises an interesting question – who is liable when a car hired through the Uber get in a crash? According to California news a black Lincoln Town Car collided with a Dodge Charger. The accident created a series of events, eventually running into a fire hydrant which was then dislodged and subsequently injured a pedestrian.

The injured party has filed a personal injury lawsuit – alleging negligence against not only the drivers of the vehicles but also against the transportation tech company Uber. Uber is a ride sharing app that connects passengers with drivers of luxury cars for hire. However, unlike typical taxi or limo services, the parties connect via the Uber app, rather than directly with the taxi or limo company.

This raises a thorny legal question concerning who is responsible when the Uber car gets in an accident. Further, what type of car insurance is Uber required to maintain? Uber is trying to distance itself from any liability, instead calling itself a "modern day phone book" of drivers that simply connect people but has no responsibility when accidents occur. However, because Uber does connect people legal analysts assert that it should be treated more like a taxi company and be held responsible for risks Uber creates.

This issue will certainly be addressed in the months to come as ride sharing apps become increasingly popular.

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