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Fatal Accident Involving Commercial Truck Raises Questions Of Liability

San Francisco news reports that three people have died in a multi-car accident near Fresno. The accident occurred after a driver of a commercial truck failed to stop at a stop-sign. The truck then crashed into a mini-van, which subsequently hit two other vehicles. Three individuals in the mini-van died at the scene. The accident remains under investigation and raises several questions of liability.

Whenever motor vehicle accidents occur – especially where serious personal injuries result - beginning an investigation right away into all of the factors that may have contributed to an incident is important. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer can help you determine your next steps.

Here, initial reports indicate that the driver of a health care truck was responsible for the crash. Because this accident involved a commercial vehicle, several additional questions of liability and negligence arise. For example, an important consideration is whether the company performed an adequate background check on the driver. If the driver had a poor driving record or had a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or other condition that negatively impacted his or her ability to safely drive, then the company may be found negligent and responsible for an accident caused by its driver. Further, a company may also be found negligent if it failed to adequately maintain its vehicles. Third party manufacturers may also be found responsible if a defective of faulty truck part plays a role in causing an accident.

Here, it is unknown whether any of the factors played a role in the car crash.

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