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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Against University of California

California legal news reports that a former football player for the University of California Golden Bears is now suing the university for medical malpractice. According to reports the player suffered multiple concussions during both games and practices. Though he sustained injuries, the athlete was sent back into play, sooner than he should have been, he alleges in the lawsuit.

He has named the regents of the University of California as well as the team physician and head athletic trainer in the suit, asserting that the university should have been more proactive in preventing head injuries and that the school did not live up to its responsibility of educating players on the long-term neurological diseases that are tied to such injuries. The lawsuit further alleges that Had Hicks known of those risks, he would have refrained from playing or at least taken more time to recover from head injuries. The man played in 32 games for the Golden Bears.

High profile lawsuits have been filed against the NCAA and the NFL alleging serious medical conditions associated with repeated head trauma. Earlier this year, a judge approved a settlement that would provide roughly $900 million to retired NFL players who suffered harm as the result of concussions sustained during play.

A representative noted, “The university is the players’ caretaker," and that as such, the university has an obligation to inform the players concerning the dangers of head injuries.

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