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Bus Accident Raises Questions of Safety

The recent San Francisco tour bus accident that led to twenty people suffering personal injuries has raised concerns among many concerning the dangers associated with these vehicles and the amount of control local communities should have in order to keep tourists and others on the road safer.

Several issues are under investigation following the accident. For example, the California Highway Patrol is planning to review several issues such as whether the buses operated by City Sightseeing were in good working order. This includes ensuring that the vehicles were properly maintained as well as that checking for defective parts – such as faulty brakes. Additionally, the company is reviewing the busses in operation to make sure that as buses are added to the fleet, they are reported to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The CPUC regulates the tour bus industry, and notes that this bus had never been identified as in service by the company, potentially violating the law. Currently, the State of California oversees all buses, although they don’t necessarily inspect each bus. Law makers are looking into whether the city of San Francisco should oversee the tour buses that are allowing into the city – especially due to the challenges presented by the city’s topography – including its often narrow, steep and crowded streets.

Five people remain in the hospital following this crash.

Whether this accident was the result of negligence is still under investigation.

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