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5 Injured in Pescadero Car Accident

San Francisco News reports that at least five people have suffered serious personal injuries following a multi-vehicle are accident. The initial reports indicate that at least three cars were involved in the incident that occurred on northbound state Highway 1 and Pescadero Creek Road in unincorporated Monterey County.

The nature of the injuries varied, with one of the victims having to be airlifted to a hospital, while the others were taken by ambulance. The cause of the accident was not immediately apparent, and remains under investigation.

Whenever an accident occurs, especially one involving multiple vehicles, its important to perform a thorough investigation, looking at all of the different factors that may have created the dangerous situation.

For example, each of the drivers’ conduct must be evaluated. Were any of them driving recklessly – such as speeding or while under the influence? Was distracted driving a factor? Other issues to consider include roadway conditions. Was the road properly maintained? Were there any roadway hazards or unexpected debris? Further, what were the weather conditions at the time? It is also important to determine whether any of the vehicles had a defective or faulty part. Were any of them subject to one of the recent motor vehicle recalls?

The answers to these questions may play a role in the amount of compensation an injured party may be entitled to following a motor vehicle accident.

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