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Two Dead in Tragic San Leandro Amtrak Accident

Bay Area news reports that two people have died in a tragic San Leandro car accident. According to reports the Amtrak train collided with a car, killing a woman and a young child inside.

Initial reports indicated that that collision occurred on the railroad tracks at or near the area of Chapman Road and Washington Avenue. A witness stated that the train’s whistle was blowing and that the train was breaking before it collided with a vehicle. After the collision, the train travelled about a quarter of a mile down the tracks before coming to a complete stop. The train was en route from San Jose to Sacramento.

An investigation continues into all of the factors surrounding the accident, including whether the arm gates were down at the time of the incident.

Whenever a serious accident occurs, it is important to begin an investigation concerning all of the circumstances that may have contributed to an incident. In this instance, this includes not only evaluating the actions of the person driving the car and operating the train, but also whether the gates were down, the trains whistle were sounding, the tracks were free of debris and other obstructions, and whether any other extenuating circumstances exists (i.e. was the car in proper working order?)

Many factors may play a role in causing an accident. Often the root cause is not immediately apparent. Understanding all of the causes is key to recovering compensation for your or your loved ones injuries. If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact the experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyers at Bostwick & Peterson, LLP for an immediate consultation.