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Fatal Tesla crash under investigation

News reports that the crash which killed a Bay Area man while driving a Tesla Model X remains under investigation, including potential legal options. Many times, automobile accidents are the result of defective products/parts that fail to work as designed. This may include faulty brakes, defective tires and electronic components.

In this instance, the car was operating in autopilot mode when it crashed into a guardrail and exploded into flames. Investigations continue into whether the autopilot components were functioning properly. Several different legal theories may exist to provide recovery following this tragic accident, including whether Tesla could be held responsible for the incident in a product liability action due to faulty/defective construction. Alternatively, the subcontractors who design and built the autopilot mode could be held responsible.

Further, potential claims may exist against Caltrans. Caltrans allegedly had failed to replace the highway attenuator guard on the highway median which is supposed to provide an additional layer of protection when motor vehicles leave the roadway.

In addition to claims of product liability/defective products, the other causes of action may exist for breach of warranty, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, and false advertising.

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