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Construction Worker Sustains Serious Injuries in Fall From Crane

San Francisco News reports that a construction worker has been hospitalized with serious personal injuries after falling 40 feet from a crane in at a work site in San Francisco. 

The man was atop a crane when one of the pins on the machine became dislodged.  He sustained serious injuries as a result of the fall.

Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions, with construction sites inherently dangerous.  The top injuries at constructions sites includes being struck by objects, falls, electrocutions, and being “caught-in/between.” When an incident occurs at a construction site, several different avenues of recovery may exist.  In some instances, California workers’ compensation laws may apply and provide remedies. Other times, it may be possible to file a third-party action where the injury is the result of a outside action, such as defective machinery or negligence on behalf of another party. 

Here initial reports indicate that the accident occurred as a result of a faulty pin. An investigation into whether the machine was properly maintained, and in good working order is an  important initial consideration.

Due to the complex nature of construction litigation, including determining the best avenue of recovery, whenever an accident occurs at a construction site, consulting with a top San Francisco personal injury firm is important.

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