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Six Things Lawyers Can Do to Reduce the Impact of COVID-19

James S. Bostwick was interviewed by about COVID-19 and the legal world. In the article, he explains the effects that the virus is having, what the justice system’s “new normal” looks like, and how America’s justice system might look like post COVID-19. In addition, Jim offers advice for lawyers on what they can do now to reduce the impact of those effects:

  1. Follow the separation guidelines scrupulously so that we and the people we work with are safe and thus do our part to “flatten” the curve.

  2. Set up staff at home with effective equipment and encourage regular remote interaction so the cases can continue to be prepared.

  3. Open and continue candid dialogue with our adversaries so that interactions become more efficient and both sides can continue to work toward resolution.

  4. Remember that our counterparts/adversaries have the same problems we do – problems with staff, with overhead, with income, with nervous clients. These are mutual problems we need to work together to solve. Working together to deal with this unprecedented situation, developing innovative solutions can all be to the benefit of both our clients and the system.

  5. Lawyers must remember that they are first officers of the Court. We must recognize the court system, the clerks, judges and other staff are faced with unparalleled circumstances. We need to work with them, help them with ideas and recognize they are in territory that is just as unfamiliar to them as it is to us. Communicate your ideas and experiences with leaders of the bar so they can work with the court to find solutions.

  6. Don’t be discouraged or panic and don’t take advantage of anyone who has – reassure your staff and help them in this trying time, communicate with your clients and try to reassure them as much as possible without giving false hope and remember to take good care of yourself, your family and your friends during this extraordinarily difficult time.

James Bostwick is a nationally recognized trial lawyer with over fifty years of experience. He is one of the most respected medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers in the nation and the founder of Bostwick & Peterson. He has spent more than 50 years specializing in complex medical malpractice and personal injury law, litigating some of the most complex and high-stakes cases in the country. He has set state and national records for high-value recoveries in legal malpractice, birth injury, and other personal injury claims. In early 2018, his firm obtained a $14M malpractice settlement just before trial over a neonatal brain injury. At the time, the result was the largest present value settlement in California history for a case that had not been tried to verdict.

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