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Record-Setting Birth Injury Recoveries in Five Different States

One of the things that sets Bostwick & Peterson apart is the number of record-setting results we have obtained across multiple states. Many of these recoveries have been for birth injury cases, which is an especially complex area of litigation that requires a very special set of skills to effectively manage.

Birth injuries can cause devastating physical, developmental, and cognitive complications that create a lifetime of expenses for families. At Bostwick & Peterson, we leverage our experience to help clients fight for the maximum compensation possible.

Across five different states, we have achieved the following record-setting birth injury settlements for our clients:

Hawaii: $10 Million

Our birth injury specialists settled a record obstetrical case after doctors failed to promptly deliver a child even though fetal monitoring showed potential problems. The child is now a spastic quadriplegic who suffers from global developmental delays, including severe cognitive defects and needing to be fed via a tube. During the case, the defense contended that the child’s life expectancy was limited. Plaintiffs countered, saying life expectancy would be lengthy.

Washington: $8 Million

This record settlement involved a baby who suffered severe spastic quadriparesis and relatively retained cognitive ability. A nurse found the baby not breathing and called a code for resuscitation, during which time doctors missed bilateral ruptured lungs. Defendants originally contended that damage was done in an early apneic episode while the baby was in the mother's hands and before the nurse came into the room.

Colorado: $7.1 Million

A child suffered cerebral palsy as the result of fetal distress (non-reassuring fetal monitoring strips), for which doctors did not intervene until it was too late. As a result, the child was born severely depressed. Our attorneys settled this case for a record amount in the state of Colorado.

Oklahoma: $5 Million

In what is the highest birth injury settlement in Oklahoma's history, our attorneys won a case against the physician for a delayed emergency C-section. The case was settled for the full policy limits of the physician.

Bostwick & Peterson have twice broken the California record for largest medical malpractice settlement, beating each other's record in the process.

$14 Million

In early 2018, Attorney Bostwick obtained this settlement involving a three-day-old child with a medical condition that the defendant decided needed surgery. Laparoscopic surgery was performed at a major California university hospital. The needle that was used to insufflate the child’s abdomen was placed in the umbilical vein and the gas went straight to the child’s heart and then the brain, causing a serious brain injury. At the time this case was settled, in 2018, it represented the largest medical malpractice settlement in California.

$17 Million

In May 2019, Mr. Peterson obtained this settlement for a brain-injured baby which is believed to be the largest recovery, either by settlement or jury verdict, for a medical malpractice case in California history. In this case, our client developed a routine infection during pregnancy that wasn't treated by her health care providers. When the infection worsened, she became septic, was hospitalized and nearly died. Although she recovered, her baby sustained a severe brain injury from the infection and requires 24/7 attendant care for life.

Bostwick & Peterson: Serving Clients Nationwide

Birth injury claims are complex and high-stakes cases that pit Plaintiffs against powerful corporations and malpractice insurers. By working with experienced attorneys who have the resources to investigate and litigate these claims, however, victims can level the playing field and seek the financial recovery they deserve.

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