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Doctors Responsible for Medical Malpractice May Continue to Practice

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times detailed an alarming concern – that many doctors who have been found responsible for harming patients as the result of medical malpractice continue to practice medicine.

Medical malpractice refers to the failure of doctors, nurses, or other health care professionals to act according to the standard of care for their area of practice. When this failure or “breach” occurs, and a patient is injured, it may be possible to bring a successful medical malpractice lawsuit for damages.

While health care professionals can face civil suits, they also are subject to discipline by the Medical Board of California. The article revealed that despite the seriousness of the malpractice, including medical mistakes that have catastrophically injured and even killed patients, some doctors are allowed to continue practice under probation. In fact, one doctor continued to practice despite evidence of negligent conduct that led to patient paralysis, the loss of limbs, and even death. However, rather than revoking the doctors’ license, in multiple cases the Medical Board handed down a lighter punishment – probation. A handful of these doctors went on to harm additional patients.

The article seeks to raise awareness of the serious flaws in the state’s oversight of the medical profession.

While safety advocates continue their push for legislative change regarding oversight, a new ballot measure goes to the voters next year. The ballot measure seeks to amend MICRA (Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act) and raise the $250,000 cap on damages for pain and suffering for those injured by medical malpractice. If passed, this should provide greater relief in court to those harmed by medical negligence.

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