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Fatal Truck Accident Highlights Roadway Risks

A recent fatal SUV accident underscores the dangers of big rigs and the risks associated with truck accidents.

The incident occurred on northbound US Highway 101 at or near its intersection with Highway 85. Initial reports indicate that the collision occurred when the 18-wheeler attempted to move to the right-side of the road, and struck the SUV. The SUV then burst into flames. The incident remains under investigation, and fault has not be determined.

When serious truck accidents occur, the results may be catastrophic, with a high likelihood of injury and even death. While this accident remains under investigation, it is important to be aware of some unique aspects related to big rigs that create hazards.

Similar to other motor vehicle accidents, when drivers act recklessly or negligently, such as speeding or driving while distracted, the risk for a dangerous accident increases. The effects of driver negligence are compounded when driving a big rig. Due to the sheer size of a truck it may be nearly impossible to correct a truck’s momentum and path once control is lost. Further, a truck’s design with large blind spots, unwieldy mass and large loads may create hazards for even the most experienced drivers. Additionally, many routes take drivers on unfamiliar roads with unforeseen hazards. Lack of familiarity along with potential fatigue from driving long hours can increase the risk of catastrophic collisions from occurring.

In some situations, these factors may be the result of driver error, other times, the protocols and procedures put in place by the trucking company can increase the likelihood of a collision occurring, such as heavy demands on workers - pushing for long hours and high speeds, inadequate training, and improper maintenance.

In these circumstances, the trucking company may be as much - if not more - to blame as the driver for catastrophic accidents.

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