About Rear-End Accidents

When a vehicle is struck in a rear end collision, the unsuspecting occupants of the vehicle being hit are at great risk for severe injury because the impact is unexpected and the victim had no opportunity to brace or protect themselves. There are many potential causes of rear-end collisions such as a failure of the braking system in an improperly cared for vehicle or drunk driving, but the leading cause of these types of collisions is driver distraction.

If you or a family member has been injured in a rear end accident, you need to contact a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer right away. At Bostwick & Peterson, we will fight for maximum compensation for you. Our firm has the proven track record of success you need. We have collected over $500 million for our clients and hold both state and national records for verdicts and settlements.

What should I do after being rear-ended?

In the aftermath of a car accident, insurance agents will quickly and aggressively attempt to settle your case for the least amount possible. Do not agree to a settlement or provide personal information or medical records without first contacting our firm. We have extensive experience handling large insurance companies and we do not accept low offers that don't reflect the real damages in the case. We will aggressively protect your rights and best interests. Our knowledgeable firm will carefully evaluate your case and use our extensive resources, including medical experts, to vigorously pursue the best result attainable.

Were you injured in a collision?

The most frequently occurring injury in rear-end collision cases is whiplash and concussion. Being struck from behind causes a tremendous amount of force to be absorbed by your back and spine, which can lead to a spinal cord injury. Depending on the force of the impact, you may also be at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, in most cases, accident victims suffer financial hardship due to lost wages and medical bills. An accident can change the rest of your life as many injuries require life-long medical care. Our firm has over 80 years of combined experience assisting families through the most stressful and agonizing periods of their lives. We may be able to assist you in seeking full compensation so you do not have to worry about mounting bills, rather you can focus your attention on recovery.

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