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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Also known as TBI's, traumatic brain injuries are potentially devastating injuries that occur as a result of a serious impact to the head, such as in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, boating accidents and any other activity or accident where blunt force trauma to the head or restricted oxygen flow to the brain occurs. These types of injuries can even occur without specific impact, such as in cases of fast acceleration or deceleration which cause the brain to press too hard against the head, causing bruising or bleeding that may not be evident at once. Medical attention should be sought immediately after any accident.

Questions About Your Rights After a Brain Injury?
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What are the Symptoms of Brain Damage?

Identifying the degree of traumatic brain injuries can be very challenging, even for brain injury specialists. People who have suffered a serious TBI may exhibit memory loss, a dampened ability for problem solving, difficulty controlling temper and many other symptoms, in mild cases. More severe cases will include total loss of cognitive function, and recovery is uncertain.

Traumatic brain injuries carry many consequences, and those who suffer from this type of injury will incur substantial medical bills for diagnosis, surgery and other treatments, medication, therapy and rehabilitation. Further, many TBI victims may no longer be able to make a living or function in life as they had previously, if at all, and families can suffer severe financial hardship when a loved one has been permanently injured.

Strong Advocacy for Victims of Brain Injury

Bostwick & Peterson, LLP has dedicated their practice to representing the needs of personal injury victims, including those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries. Our firm has a skilled physician available to evaluate the claim with regard to predicted future medical costs, and this professional assessment can go a long way in securing substantial compensation in terms of an out-of-court settlement or judgment in court.

We will aggressively pursue a level of compensation sufficient to cover any and all costs associated with the injury and will pursue all possible forms of compensation for the injured victim and their families. Contact our experienced brain injury lawyers in San Francisco to schedule a free consultation.

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