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Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral palsy (CP) is a permanent, non-progressive neurological condition characterized by varying degrees of disability. As the CDC estimates as many as 1 in 5 cases of cerebral palsy result from medical negligence, it’s important for parents to explore whether their child’s condition could and should have been prevented if not for medical negligence – and whether they have the right to pursue legal action.

At Bostwick & Peterson, LLP, we’ve become known nationally as specialists in complex, catastrophic medical malpractice and birth injury cases. Led by two of the most respected plaintiffs’ trial lawyers in the nation, we’ve proven our ability to help families prevail amid the most challenging times.

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Cerebral Palsy & Birth Injury Lawsuits

Cerebral palsy is a complex condition caused by oxygen deprivation and brain damage. It causes problems with muscle tone, muscle coordination, and motor control. In the most severe cases, seizures may also exist. Cerebral palsy doesn’t worsen as a child ages, but depending on its severity and type, can create immense challenges and limitations throughout a person’s life.

Types of cerebral palsy include:

  • Athetoid: Athetoid cerebral palsy (sometimes called dyskinetic in cases where CP results from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy) is the most common form of the condition. Children typically have full intellectual capabilities, but often experience a lack of control over muscles which may differ in tone (tight or loose), and which may contract involuntarily.
  • Ataxic: The least common form of CP, ataxic cerebral palsy only affects a child’s fine motor skills. In some cases, there may also be difficulties related to the inner ear and speech.
  • Spastic Quadriplegia: Also referred to as tetraplegic CP, spastic quadriplegia CP involves a child having little to no control over their limbs (movement of the arms and legs), delayed development, and, in some cases, considerable and chronic pain.

Parents of babies born with CP have many questions, particularly when it comes to how the condition occurred. In some cases, it’s unexplainable. In others, it’s the result of medical negligence and mistakes made by providers who treated pregnant mothers before, during, or shortly after delivery.

Some common examples of medical errors / malpractice that can result in cerebral palsy include:

  • Failures to diagnose maternal medical conditions or potential complications during pregnancy;
  • Failure to monitor vital signs and / or fetal heart rate during delivery, and failures to act when a fetus is in distress;
  • Delayed C-sections or failures to perform C-sections when complications arise;
  • Medication errors involving labor-inducing drugs (i.e. Pitocin);
  • Improper medical response to fetal distress, and failures to perform timely brain cooling therapy following infant brain damage.

Doctors, nurses, and other health care providers who oversee pregnancies and deliveries are expected to meet acceptable standards of their profession – meaning they must act as any reasonably skilled medical professional would be expected to act under the same or similar circumstances.

When providers fail to meet their “duty of care,” it opens the door to what can be profound and permanent injuries – as well as civil lawsuits filed by families who must now face a lifetime of added expenses, including those related to a child’s medical bills, accommodative needs, and more.

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Based in San Francisco, Bostwick & Peterson proudly serves families throughout California and the nation. Over the years, Partners James Bostwick (a Certified Medical Malpractice Specialist) and Erik Peterson have secured remarkable recoveries in a range of difficult medical malpractice cases, as well as record-setting verdicts and settlements in five separate states.

As our case results show, we’ve excelled in birth injury and malpractice cases for many years, and have secured record results in cerebral palsy cases.

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