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San Francisco Cable Car Accident Results In Injuries

California news reports that 7 people were hospitalized with personal injuries following a San Francisco cable car accident. The cable car accident occurred when the car stopped suddenly to avoid an obstruction on the tracks. The accident took place at Washington and Powell streets.

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In a statement Muni officials provide that the accident "was caused by a bolt in the tracks that failed to trigger an alarm meant to alert operators of an obstruction." Specifically, a 2-inch bolt was jammed at the top of the tracks, about 6 inches above the underground cables that are covered in sensors that trigger an alarm if there is an obstruction. Because of the jam, the bolt failed to touch the sensors and alert the operators. The alarm is usually triggered as many as two to three times a day.

The stop injured five passengers and two Muni workers. One of the injured parties, an 80-year-old man, suffered a head injury.

The incident remains under investigation and the explanation raises additional questions such as: Why did the bolt come loose? Was anyone aware of the loose bolt? Who was responsible for safety inspections? And, will any precautions be taken to ensure an accident like this doesn't happen again?

For the time being, the bolt incident has prompted a review of the track maintenance system. In addition to the nightly checks of the more than 40 switches that are part of the cable car system, a weekly check will be performed to test the tightness of the bolts securing the switch plates.

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